One of the key tools for identifying the right human resources for your project is through networking. One has to reach out to the places where talent is available. Very often we will not find them in job sites. One of the key qualities of successful sales professionals is networking. They have contacts every where, which is built over a period of time at the golf grounds or rugby fields or while trekking or while travelling. Successful managers also inherit this trait of reaching out to others and establishing reliable contacts over a period of time. As per the project management body of knowledge, 90 percentage of the project manager’s time goes into communication. This is very much true. As humans, with who do we communicate the most?. I always love to communicate with the people whom I like. I do not like to communicate with people whom I do not like. So, ultimately what is that key quality required to become a successful manager?. One must like people. The manager must realise that he is only as good as his team. This is a fact of managerial life. If the team do not like the manager, the easiest solution is to change the manager. If the manager do not like the team, still the easiest solution is to change the manager. So, contrary to the conventional thinking, a manager is terribly dependent on his team. When people introduce them selves as ‘I manage a team of ten’ then inside me, I just laugh, because actually a team of ten is managing him. In order to build a great team, one must constantly reach out to talented people

When I composed this photograph last week using my lumix fz200 camera, the word which rhymed in my mind was ‘reach out’. Hope you are enjoying. Good day.