Simplifying complexity always fascinated me, and this blog is my humble attempt to explain creative work to managers, and management to creative workers. Once somebody asked me about the shortest project in which I implemented agile. On many occasions I had to answer questions about the non-it projects in which I implemented agile. If a published photograph is a product, then, that is the quickest project I have done, and I have done thousands of them, and I am continuously improving.

Capturing a good photograph could be one of the quickest projects, as it satisfies all the criteria of projects like definite start and finish time, unique product or service as a result, performed by people, progressively elaborated and are constrained by the limited resources of time, cost and scope. Sometimes, everything starts with a vision of an image, then I plan for it, capture it, closely monitor and control it, and publish it. Some of my dreams right now are..

Photographing a snake boat
A photo walk through fort kochi and mattancherry
Photographing Taj Mahal with sunset in the back ground
Photographing a nun with an orphan child

The photo below started as a dream / vision , then planned, executed, monitored and controlled (edited) and closed.


Hope I will be able to explain this complex domain of management in a simple and interesting manner using my insights from photograph and on the corollary, I will be able to do better in my creative pursuits (photography), by applying the best of management.

I enjoy it. Hope you also will.



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