Put the seat belts on, and switch off all electronic gadgets

Whenever I hear announcements like above, it reminds me of the burn down charts. This is one tool which improved my ability to achieve milestones on time, without too much stress.
I adore burn down chart, one of the key tools from scrum, even while conducting a PMP certification program based on the good practices of conventional project management. Unlike the earned value cure, the burn down chart is more forward looking and easy to implement. It is helping me to complete the training on time every time. It is more like landing the flight within the safe zone of the runway. I like them best, when drawn on a white board, where every one can see it, all the time. In another words, it creates pressure, which the teams term as ‘positive pressure or pressure with pleasure’. Even though a tool usage is inevitable in distributed development, it should not be at the cost of the physical burn down chart. Someone must transfer the data from the white board to the tool on a daily basis. Start using the burn down charts to track your work, and it will help you to eliminate spikes of stress around milestone dates. It will make your landing safer and consistent.