What is the colour of the chameleon?

One of my earlier posts was about the concern ‘what will happen to you, if you keep changing to adjust with the environment?’. Some of the readers disagreed with me, and responded by portraying the ability to mesh well with the environment as a great quality, to be successful in the global project teams of today. Yesterday I clicked this chameleon, and his colour is same is as the tree trunk, which made me think of the original colour of the chameleon?. What is the original colour of the chameleon?.

Being a manager in the outsourcing capital of the world, not only the scope of the project is defined by the customer, but how to do it is also dictated by the customer very often. If the customer is from U.K, he may ask for PRINCE2. If they are from else where, they may ask for PMP. Request for agile (scrum) can come from any where, if the client believes in results than reports. Can the manager from the supplier’s side be successful, without understanding all these frameworks?. The answer is ‘No’. One good thing is, when we go in depth, we realise that the foundations of every project management framework is the same, and revolves around plan, do, check and act or plan, do, study and act. How fast we do it, and how we approach fast failures determines the framework.

Ability to change colours, without loosing one’s true colours is truly a strength.

Here is a photograph captured with my lumix fz200.




One of the key tools for identifying the right human resources for your project is through networking. One has to reach out to the places where talent is available. Very often we will not find them in job sites. One of the key qualities of successful sales professionals is networking. They have contacts every where, which is built over a period of time at the golf grounds or rugby fields or while trekking or while travelling. Successful managers also inherit this trait of reaching out to others and establishing reliable contacts over a period of time. As per the project management body of knowledge, 90 percentage of the project manager’s time goes into communication. This is very much true. As humans, with who do we communicate the most?. I always love to communicate with the people whom I like. I do not like to communicate with people whom I do not like. So, ultimately what is that key quality required to become a successful manager?. One must like people. The manager must realise that he is only as good as his team. This is a fact of managerial life. If the team do not like the manager, the easiest solution is to change the manager. If the manager do not like the team, still the easiest solution is to change the manager. So, contrary to the conventional thinking, a manager is terribly dependent on his team. When people introduce them selves as ‘I manage a team of ten’ then inside me, I just laugh, because actually a team of ten is managing him. In order to build a great team, one must constantly reach out to talented people

When I composed this photograph last week using my lumix fz200 camera, the word which rhymed in my mind was ‘reach out’. Hope you are enjoying. Good day.


Maslow’s applied to photographers


When I started to photograph using an Agfa click3 film camera, there was no profound thinking behind it. It was just meeting the need to take some photographs at my will. The need was very basic (in fact, at that time I could afford only that). I wanted to take the photographs of my newborn baby. It was all about meeting the basic needs of photography. Then we moved on to security zone. Wanted a fool proof system, and that is when I moved on to my first slr a yashica, fully manual, and it is still in working condition. That is the time I realised the fact that once you are a photographer, then you are always a photographer, and I invested more a bought my first digital camera, a Kodak. Throughout all these stages, my photography was on a continuous improvement trip and slowly I had a reputation to maintain. Now I realise that I was entering the ‘self esteem’ zone. After that started the soul searching to understand the purpose of my photography…..Am I at the self actualisation stage of a photographer?….just wondering about it.

Am I being very idealistic here. Did I buy by slr or DSLR for the joy of owning it (esteem needs) to tell the world that I own a DSLR. I think that is more honest. Then I did all sorts of blunders with it, because I did not know anything about photography. I have even used circular polarising filters in low light conditions without a tripod…since the investment was not small, I did not feel like getting out of photography, so I latched on to it, and learned photography technique by technique. So, in another sense, everything started with self esteem, and then moved on to the self actualisation…which is all about finding a larger purpose and meaning to photography…

The first paragraph is for those who want to understand Maslows hierarchy of needs and the second paragraph is for those who want to understand the photographer’s hierarchy of needs 🙂

Here is a photograph for you.


Lumix fz200, f2.8, vivid, Kerala, India

Best is yet to happen, the best survival kit

Whenever I see the photographs I clicked in the past, I realise the poor quality of some of my so called ‘best’ photographs of the past. Either the composition is not right, or they are cluttered, or edited too much.. Then, it was continuous learning, and I certainly believe that the best is yet to happen. Thanks to all the youtube videos on photography. my sincere thanks to all those experienced photographers who shared their experiences in the public domain, which made the life of people like me easier. This is very true in management as well. I just want to apologise to the participants of the first batch of my project management workshop that happened in Dubai around eight years back. It was just reading from the slides. It was miserable. Since then I have come a long way because I was willing to continuously learn and improve. So, definitely failures are stepping stones to success, and what you think as a success story today, looses it’s glitter the moment either you or someone else do something better. The best is yet to happen is the driving force behind anyone who chases excellence, and that is the best survival kit in highly competitive environments. All good photographers, speakers, bloggers and writers are reminders to me about the distance I have to cover, before I say I did something worthwhile.

Here is a photograph using lumix fz200. I named it stepping stones. Hope you are enjoying. Wish you a happy weekend.


Art of lifting

‘Teamwork’ is the word that came to my mind when I composed this one. Teamwork of the individually competent, where the cumulative effect is much more higher than the sum of the individual efforts. How can we get this kind of commitment at the work place?. Is the challenge by itself is the motivator?.


Streetphotography at kochi, Kerala, India. Lumix fz200, sepia creative mode

The human factor..

Of all the creations in this world, humans are the best when you look at them very closely through the view finder of a camera. Especially the very young and old. The predominant emotions I see in the young are innocence, tenderness, joy, hope whereas the predominant emotions of the old or matured are again grace, despair, fear, sorrow, satisfaction…the list can be bigger. As far as I am concerned, the presence of a human element in the frame makes it complete, even though it is not practical all the time. This importance of human factor is even more in management. It is the humans involved in the task, which makes the key difference. In a team the young bring in their energy, where as the experienced bring in their wisdom of practical knowledge (scars and honours) from the previous battles. Every human being is precious. They are more like paintings or sculptures which takes almost a century to complete. Handle them with care, gentleness and love, because you are also one among them, and you are terribly dependent on them.

Here is Mr. Fernades for you, and there is a story behind every wrinkle..