Maslow’s applied to photographers


When I started to photograph using an Agfa click3 film camera, there was no profound thinking behind it. It was just meeting the need to take some photographs at my will. The need was very basic (in fact, at that time I could afford only that). I wanted to take the photographs of my newborn baby. It was all about meeting the basic needs of photography. Then we moved on to security zone. Wanted a fool proof system, and that is when I moved on to my first slr a yashica, fully manual, and it is still in working condition. That is the time I realised the fact that once you are a photographer, then you are always a photographer, and I invested more a bought my first digital camera, a Kodak. Throughout all these stages, my photography was on a continuous improvement trip and slowly I had a reputation to maintain. Now I realise that I was entering the ‘self esteem’ zone. After that started the soul searching to understand the purpose of my photography…..Am I at the self actualisation stage of a photographer?….just wondering about it.

Am I being very idealistic here. Did I buy by slr or DSLR for the joy of owning it (esteem needs) to tell the world that I own a DSLR. I think that is more honest. Then I did all sorts of blunders with it, because I did not know anything about photography. I have even used circular polarising filters in low light conditions without a tripod…since the investment was not small, I did not feel like getting out of photography, so I latched on to it, and learned photography technique by technique. So, in another sense, everything started with self esteem, and then moved on to the self actualisation…which is all about finding a larger purpose and meaning to photography…

The first paragraph is for those who want to understand Maslows hierarchy of needs and the second paragraph is for those who want to understand the photographer’s hierarchy of needs 🙂

Here is a photograph for you.


Lumix fz200, f2.8, vivid, Kerala, India


A fruit basket and project portfolio management

I am running a small organisation with a big name ‘Project management research institute’ and a very good list of clients which include many good organisations who are good in their chosen field. Since our expenses are very low, we do make profits. Still in a market where we could have done two crore Indian rupees, we have done only one crore, and still it is profitable, because our expenses are low. This is our current project portfolio;

Project management training (Pmp, agile, scrum, I.T project management)
Project management consulting (implementing agile)
Performing agile project management (on site scrum master) for overseas clients who outsource projects to India.
Online project management training

Now, we want to improve our profitability, and are thinking about new streams of projects. The whole process of selection of the right projects, programs and other work which are in true alignment to the organisational strategy for growth and then continuously maintaining the alignment between the strategy, implementation and the enterprise environmental factors is known as project portfolio management.

If every apple, orange and other fruits in a fruit basket can be considered as a project, program or other work, then project portfolio management is more like maintaining a fruit basket, and the decisions about which fruits to be kept inside, which ones to be thrown out and when…the rotten ones must go out, and the good ones must get in…and that is a continuous process.