Do not trust the view finder alone

I have come across multiple occasions where a photograph which looked perfect on the view finder of the camera had to be scrapped while enlarged for actual use. On the other hand, a photograph which looks dull and underexposed on the view finder comes out perfectly after a minor edit on the brightness alone. In management, reports takes the place of the view finder in photography. Reports just gives a snapshot and the reality could be different. I have faced situations where the projects which are shown as very healthy in the status reports throughout the project, failing miserably during final acceptance tests. So, when you see a perfect picture on the view finder post capture, or when you get a perfect project status report, do not rely on them alone. When you get a imperfect picture or a problematic project status report, do not be in a hurry to dismiss them, because with minor corrective actions they can be made perfect. Here is a photograph which looked terribly under exposed on the camera, which became perfect just by adjusting the brightness on the editor. The one which looked perfect on the view finder had to be scrapped as the image was found blurred when enlarged.

Enjoy my photograph titled ‘ant crossing’ at stillsofindia



English language skills for business communication

Today someone asked me for guidance to improve his English language skills. My piece of advise was to get passionate about this foreign language, and experiment with it. There is a facebook message going round in circles which says that in my home town, majority speaks the local language till 8 p.m and after that the majority speaks English, because they are in high spirits. So it is all about getting out of one’s own inhibitions and experimenting. One must be willing to experiment. The easiest way is to get passionate about it.

Buying an expensive camera will not make you a better photographer. I have come across many, who clicks around in the auto mode, using a DSLR. Similarly, just buying an expensive dictionary or enrolling for an expensive English speaking course will not help. Get excited about the prospects of learning something new and experiment. It took me almost two years of experimentation with my DSLR to start taking reasonably good photographs, still some of the great photos of mine happened with the Canon coolpix compact camera, which is cheaper when compared to the DSLR.

Experimentation is the key to expertise.

Here is a photograph with my Nikon coolpix