During the past couple of years I spent considerable time, energy and money in mastering photography. At last, I am confident of how to use a DSLR camera to capture reasonably good photographs. When I say good, it is just my perception. From my experience, some of the photographs which I considered as good received very cold response from my blog followers. At the same time, when I published some photographs, which I considered as junk, were appreciated very much. If I consider every photograph as a product which is to be released to the customer, then these insights from photography are very valuable in management as well. This blog is all about combining the photography insights with management, hoping that iiit will be interesting. Again it is just my perception. At the end, you will have to tell me whether I am right or wrong. Subscribe to my blog. Keep sharing your insights as comments. Have a wonderfil day.

Abrachan Pudussery

Project Management Coach, Consultant

Photographer, Blogger, Husband, Father, Brother, Son




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