What is the colour of the chameleon?

One of my earlier posts was about the concern ‘what will happen to you, if you keep changing to adjust with the environment?’. Some of the readers disagreed with me, and responded by portraying the ability to mesh well with the environment as a great quality, to be successful in the global project teams of today. Yesterday I clicked this chameleon, and his colour is same is as the tree trunk, which made me think of the original colour of the chameleon?. What is the original colour of the chameleon?.

Being a manager in the outsourcing capital of the world, not only the scope of the project is defined by the customer, but how to do it is also dictated by the customer very often. If the customer is from U.K, he may ask for PRINCE2. If they are from else where, they may ask for PMP. Request for agile (scrum) can come from any where, if the client believes in results than reports. Can the manager from the supplier’s side be successful, without understanding all these frameworks?. The answer is ‘No’. One good thing is, when we go in depth, we realise that the foundations of every project management framework is the same, and revolves around plan, do, check and act or plan, do, study and act. How fast we do it, and how we approach fast failures determines the framework.

Ability to change colours, without loosing one’s true colours is truly a strength.

Here is a photograph captured with my lumix fz200.



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