Earthen pots + fire woods = Fish curry ++

Delicious fish curry is cooked in earthen pots, using fire wood. It is simple and there is nothing to replace it yet, when the only criteria is the taste of the curry. Similarly, is there any replacement for the good old yellow stickies and the white board. I do not think so. In a distributed development scenario, a tool usage may be inevitable, but do not replace the good old tracking board with automated stuff. Capture the data from the tracking board, and enter it to the collaboration tool, for the usage of all other stakeholders. Simplicity of the conventional modes can make your product average or exemplary. Some tools will kill your product. Recently I saw some tools where the definition of done is ‘ready for testing’. Bull shit of the first order. Nobody knows when this product is going to get released :-). I have had the experience of another team, who kept their tracking board within a meeting room and physically locked the room, to be opened prior to the next day’s scrum :-). Transparency under lock and key :-). The key aspect in maintaining true agility is keeping things simple and not stupid.

Here is a fish curry in the making. Canon 550D, 50 MM, 1.2f



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