Do the preparation well. Do not take chances with the environmental factors.

If you are visiting this part of the world now (Kerala, India), understanding of the following facts will make your trip more effective, and in some cases lack of knowledge of these can land you in trouble as well.

This is the time when Kerala is gearing up for the onam festival, which is the rice harvest festival of Kerala, and there is a long history behind it.
Onakkalam is a typical flower arrangement done at every household during the onam
Onakkali, is a special dance form of onam time
This is the time of the snake boat races (in my list of items to be photographed)
This is the time when monsoon rains have just receded, hence roads are in bad shape. So you will need an appropriate vehicle for travel and this will have an impact on travel time.
In Kerala, smoking is prohibited in public places.
Till September it is off season for tourism, hence you can negotiate better with the tour operators
Do not forget to carry your medicines
A mosquito repellent will help
A torch will be handy because of frequent power interrupts
If there is a strike by any political party during your visit, there will not be any public transport available for you. So plan for it.
It is better to drink bottled water, or boiled water.
Kerala has a well connected public transport system, and if you are a budget traveller, make use of it
Select the appropriate camera and lenses. This is the time for wild life, flowers, landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, birds..Not for sun sets.
Some places, photography is prohibited.
Before photographing people, ask for their permission.
Hill stations can be quite cold during this season.

A person who have not understood these, may not be able to make the best use of the opportunity. This is very true, whenever we embark on any new project. An understanding of the environment factors that will impact your project either positively or negatively is very important. Believe me, this is not a good time to start a new project in Egypt or Syria.

Here are the monsoon clouds for you. Canon 550d, tokina wide angle



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