Violating the rules

Should we follow every good practices always. The answer is no. Sometimes we even violate them for better results. Sometimes following a best practice can land one in trouble. Once while traveling from Delhi airport to Noida by car at 2.30 a.m, the roads were almost empty, and the taxi driver was bypassing all the red traffic signal lights on the way. In a place like that, stopping at a signal waiting for the green light can invite the risk of getting run over by a bigger vehicle. In many occasions, following the law of the land is safer than following the ideal. In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states of India, overtaking through the left side of a heavy vehicle is much easier and safer, even though it is against the written traffic rules. Here is a street photograph I captured at Mumbai where the red light is on, but no vehicle was stopping and if one try to follow the traffic rule here, he will be run over by some other vehicle. In any case, knowing the rules both written and unwritten will help, so that one can either follow or violate them intelligently.


Here is a photograph which gave me better results by violating the basic rules about lighting..



6 thoughts on “Violating the rules

  1. There are few rules when you are looking for a good angle, a good shot. My dad does wedding photography on the side. I began helping this summer without a background in photography and love making up things, letting shots come to me as I go along!

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