Best is yet to happen, the best survival kit

Whenever I see the photographs I clicked in the past, I realise the poor quality of some of my so called ‘best’ photographs of the past. Either the composition is not right, or they are cluttered, or edited too much.. Then, it was continuous learning, and I certainly believe that the best is yet to happen. Thanks to all the youtube videos on photography. my sincere thanks to all those experienced photographers who shared their experiences in the public domain, which made the life of people like me easier. This is very true in management as well. I just want to apologise to the participants of the first batch of my project management workshop that happened in Dubai around eight years back. It was just reading from the slides. It was miserable. Since then I have come a long way because I was willing to continuously learn and improve. So, definitely failures are stepping stones to success, and what you think as a success story today, looses it’s glitter the moment either you or someone else do something better. The best is yet to happen is the driving force behind anyone who chases excellence, and that is the best survival kit in highly competitive environments. All good photographers, speakers, bloggers and writers are reminders to me about the distance I have to cover, before I say I did something worthwhile.

Here is a photograph using lumix fz200. I named it stepping stones. Hope you are enjoying. Wish you a happy weekend.



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