The human factor..

Of all the creations in this world, humans are the best when you look at them very closely through the view finder of a camera. Especially the very young and old. The predominant emotions I see in the young are innocence, tenderness, joy, hope whereas the predominant emotions of the old or matured are again grace, despair, fear, sorrow, satisfaction…the list can be bigger. As far as I am concerned, the presence of a human element in the frame makes it complete, even though it is not practical all the time. This importance of human factor is even more in management. It is the humans involved in the task, which makes the key difference. In a team the young bring in their energy, where as the experienced bring in their wisdom of practical knowledge (scars and honours) from the previous battles. Every human being is precious. They are more like paintings or sculptures which takes almost a century to complete. Handle them with care, gentleness and love, because you are also one among them, and you are terribly dependent on them.

Here is Mr. Fernades for you, and there is a story behind every wrinkle..



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