Plan A + Plan B + Plan C = lost opportunities

As part of risk management, my DSLR have two batteries, and I carry a bridge camera as a back up, and sometimes a compact camera as well. I captured this photograph using my lumix fz200 camera.


A quite satisfying shot. Then I tried it in the sepia mode. The composition was excellent, I was about to click…and exactly at that moment the batteries ran out. I lost that great opportunity. The stand by plans are fine, provided the opportunity exists for a while. During the demonstration of a product, if it malfunctions, the demo may continue with the back ups, but the opinion about the product is already formed in the prospective customer’s mind. During another occasion when was capturing a beautiful sunset in the slow shutter, the battery ran out of charge. I tried the second battery to realise that I did not charge it before the trip. In photography, a lost opportunity is an opportunity lost forever. It will not come back again. This is very much true in many management and life situations as well. So plan not to fail….very often, there is no second chance.


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