Leave your mark on it…

During the early days of my photography, I used to to give maximum attention to the main subject in focus. But these days, I give equal weightage for the main subject and the background. Before uploading a photo for the public to view, I remove all the dirt from the photograph. This has considerably improved my photographs, and now I release my photograph with my signature on it. Yes, I started taking pride in my photographs. Is this not same with whatever we do?. One of the key agile values is commitment to work, and when we say something is done, it is of shippable quality. Only someone who takes pride in what he does, can apply his signature to his work. Here is my first photograph with a copy right mark. I own it. It may not be the ultimate. I will definitely capture better photographs in the future, and at the same time, I take pride in this photograph, hence it carries my name along with it, to all the viewers who may see and enjoy it, in the coming days…. Start taking tremendous pride in what you do. Love your work. Leave your mark on it.



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