Making it dramatic

Who will not like to work on a dramatic project?. The corollary to this is, who will want to work on a monotonous project?. Similarly, who would like to see a very monotonous photograph, without any drama in it?, and it is not always possible to find dramatic scenes to shoot every time one venture out with a camera. In those situations, the only option is to create some drama around frames, which are originally dull and depressing. It is not about adding too much colour through an editor, which anyone will be able to make out these days. Very often, drama can be created by suppressing the depressing stuff. In those situations, I always opt for black and white photography. There is a beauty and drama in simplicity and colourlessness. Similarly, there is beauty in uncluttered work. It is the photographer’s alias manager’s ability to dramatise ordinary stuff into interesting stuff. Only a very committed and passionate person can seek beauty in ordinary. Good luck.



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